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Blog to help education system and school [Blog Review]

wpid-IMG_20131224_114818.JPGA school teacher tweak the blogging platform for the benefit of schools, not only his own but also many other schools will take advantage of the infomation he collected and put the same on his blog. State Government is offering many schemes for schools, collects data from the schools –  all these information is collectively available on the said blog of Teacher Mr.Gautam Bante. To sumbit data to state government; schools need to search for the particular link on the website, now since all such links are collectively put on this blog, schools need not visit and search any other places than http://gautambante.blogspot.in/
Though there is a room for improvement; the initiative taken will benefit education system as a whole and schools from rural areas more. Congradulation Mr.Gautam Bante for such innovative work.


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2 comments on “Blog to help education system and school [Blog Review]

  1. blog atishay changali Ashe
    pan Blog ughadatana nemake kontya site cha vapor photo the nemake kalat nahi.

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