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Promote Your Books and Blog: A Look at Author Websites

आमच्या मराठी लेखकांना सांगून दमले पण त्यांना पटत नाही. अर्थात काही अपवाद आहेत जे नवीन काही प्रयोग करायचे धाडस करतात, पण बाकी सगळाच आनंद आहे.

The WordPress.com Blog

The comments poured in on our last twoposts highlighting new books by WordPress.com authors. We’re happy to host such a prolific literary bunch! For those of you interested in using a website to promote your books, take a look at three authors on WordPress.com who do this well — each with very different designs and approaches:

H. G. Robert

We found H. G. Robert’s website from a comment he’d left on a previous post. I clicked on his link and was delighted to find a simple, clean, and effective homepage for his self-help book:

The black-and-white design is crisp and stylish, and with just a few elements to focus on, you can’t miss anything. A highlighted “Read more” button takes you to another clean, concise page with a book synopsis, excerpt, and reviews.

His menu at the top right includes just two links, to his bio and blog.

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